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Updated: Jun 21

Your website can be your own personal money printer... but how?

I know I need a website, but

Here is a timeline to build a great website - all my yourself!

Your Business Name

Don't sweat your website name too much. It can be changed, as I did 4 times. And here is a helpful hint - use your name if you can. It personalizes it and lets you shift directions really easy. I suggest once you choose a name, use it consistently throughout your social media journey.

Finding a great business name - from 10 min to no more than a few hours if you are really stuck.

  1. Domainr is a great tool to see if a domain name is available. I'm finding that more and more, the .com extension is not as important (my own opinion). Here's why - if you do your marketing right, 9 out of 10 site visitors (scientifically not proven) will get to your website via a link or from Google search. If they are typing it in, they probably have it in front of them.

  2. Find a website URL, but don't sweat it. Keep it simple and applicable. Again, mine is To get some fun and unusual ideas, Shopify Business Name Generator is a clever app that helps find unique business names based off a keyword.

  3. Before you make a final decision, check gmail to see if your is available.

  4. Finally, ask around. There are tons of groups on Facebook that are full of helpful people wanting to give advice. Throw a few names out there and see what people say.

So you got your unique URL that you, and only you will build into a thriving business

  1. GOOD NEWS, many hosting companies will register your URL for free - this is a nice little savings. How to choose your hosting site 101 will help you decide where to host.

  2. Create an gmail address for your business. Mine is You will use this for many things.

Before you start building your site, a little planning will go a long ways. Check out my worksheet that will REALLY help when you are ready to build.

  1. Create your HERO statement.

  2. What is the goal of your website? To collect leads, make sales, or set up appointments for your amazing coaching?

  3. What problems are you trying solve?

  4. Who is your ideal client?

  5. What is your offer?

  6. It is far better to use original images, photos, and especially videos on your site. You can always start with stock photos.

  7. Define your minimum launch plan. Check out What is my MLP to launch your site to start getting your name out there asap.

  8. Finally, branding... many, many people get lost in the maze of creating a perfect color pallet and the most super cool fonts and never launching.

  9. Choosing a color theme - Do this... go to your closet - what is the color theme of your clothes and shoes, or go to year kitchen, what color are your plates and mugs or even your living room - what is that color you are surrounding yourself with? Use that color and done! You need only 1 or 2 accent colors because your videos and pictures will have the color.

  10. Fonts are easy - choose a script or serif font and the body can be a sans serif in different sizes. Go to Google Fonts and the searching and sorting make it very easy.

Ok, let's get to the fun stuff. And no technical degree required.

  1. So you chose your hosting platform. Login, grab a few YouTube videos to quickly learn your way around your platform. Or many platforms have great tutorials to get you started.

  2. First thing is to set up your branding global colors and fonts. You want to do this before you begin so that if you decide to use Raleway instead of Cambria half way through your launch, you change it in one place not 20.

  3. Take your planning pages that you filled out earlier. Your MLP should be a simple home page with a single purpose, most likely to collect email addresses.

  4. Follow the template included in the MLP to make life more simple. No huge description of your products, just a few simple statements and problem solving help.


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