The Agile Planner will save you time, money, and frustration while growing your business

Hi there, I'm Wendy

Saving you time

Having a personalized plan for your business has been proven to get you to your goal much faster. 

Saving you money

Time is money. What are your most

💰valuable💰 actions, get rid of the rest, and focus on what is profitable.

Less Frustration

Technology is frustrating... Period. As a life-long tech-nerd, I can answer, build, and fix almost anything

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of your next step, The Agile Planner is your answer - it is not just a simple planner, it is a proven method to get your most valuable action done quickly.

Who am I?
Why it works?

I am a mother of 2 beautiful grown girls and a life-long tech-nerd, at your service.  I am also an organizer, planner, and maker.

My career was as an IT Product Manager specializing in implementing a very proven process called Agile used with software development teams all over the world.

I have modified this team-based method to a personal process utilizing many of the featured principles behind Agile’s success.  You might guess it is based on taking small, quick actions to get where you are going.

The Agile Plan's 3 levels

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is The Agile Planner?

It is the exercise of clarifying your goals, what steps it will take to get there and how much time will it take. Agile is all about letting you own the actions and the time it will take to finish them, my job is to teach you have to keep them real. The best part is teaching you how to incorporate a reward system into you everyday life for completing or trying to complete you actions toward your goals. In short it is a coaching session with tools and printable to keep the momentum going as you grow.

I don't even know where to begin or what to do next...

We will figure that out together. There is no "1 size fits all" in business. You have your own super-powers and we will make sure your Agile Plan fits you, your time, and your skills. Whether you are building this business from scratch or have had some attempts or even successes, I have vast experience determining the best next step and removing the overwhelm.

I have way too much to do and can't seem to get anything done...

That is why, after defining your goals, I look at your time - not just your timeline, but your available time. There is a chance the overwhelm you are feeling is because your available time is less than you think. We will look at what time you have and plan accodingly. If you want to make more time - yes it is possible, then I have a worksheet of ways to magically create more time for your dream. Another time-sucker we look at are distractions. A 5-minute disctraction can cost you more than 10 minutes of your work time. That can really reduce productivity. I also have solutions for creating a focused hour that will guarantee skyrocketing productivity.

I knwo what I need to do, I just need someone to hold me accountable

As many people do, an accountability partner improves productivity immensely. That is a significant part of this program. Each week we create a set of goals for that week. Each day we see where we are at and choose just those actions we can do that day.

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