Website Creator & Coach

The Agile Planner is based on a very successful methodology call Agile for software development.  It takes big challenges, breaks them down, and determines the next most important task at a time.  Be continually releasing the next usable feature, we are able to see what works and what does not.  Frequent reviews, reprioritizing, and rewards lead to quick progress and the best results.

Building even a simple website requires several steps and I have broken them down into easy-to-approach steps, ability to quickly help with direction, and answer technical questions that are very common when creating a significant part of your business. 

I have been a professional Project Manager for large and small software development projects for more years than I want to admit.  I have always enjoyed learning new tools and being creative.  I don't rely on just one solution.  Today there are so many tools to build your site on that make it so easy.  The hard part, in my opinion, is what to put on the site.

Content is your specialty, and together we will build a site that represents you and your brand but also a site the converts visitors to customers because of how we present it.

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